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Kindle is Amazon's revolutionary e-reader, a delightful device in enhancing the reading experience. E-ink and the ocean of books at make it such a pleasant buddy to spend time with.

However, as lovely and appealing as the kindle is, that doesn't make it everyone's choice, and due to the Amazon kindle's DRM protection, books we purchased from amazon, books we rightfully own, cannot be read on other devices such as nook or cell phone.

You love your kindle e-books, but you hate the DRM. Almost all kindle books are locked down with Digital Rights Management (DRM) scheme. The scheme limits you to reading e-books with Kindle devices or other devices with Kindle App installed.

Ideally, DRM schemes are used by publishers to safeguard ebooks, and media in general, against piracy. The schemes also limit what the consumer can do with whatever media they have purchased. Because of these limitations, we badly need kindle DRM removal to create DRM-free PDFs and EPUBs.

All in all, you have paid for the file, so why should you be stopped from printing or reading it just the way you wish to?

So, how do you make kindle e-books compatible with other e-book reading devices?

If you want to read kindle books from non-kindle devices, the perfect way to do it is by removing the DRM. Thankfully, there are various tools that ease the DRM removal process. In this guide, you will find the best ways to remove DRM from kindle books in 2023. Let’s see how!


What Is DRM and Why Is It Bad?

Digital Rights Management Explained


Essentially, Digital Right Management (DRM) is software used by Amazon to prevent unlicensed copying and distribution of e-book files. While this is a modestly effective way to safeguard the commercial interests of involved bodies, it is a nightmare for customers.

DRM can deny you from reading an e-book that you purchased legitimately. This is true if you have decided to read your ebook on other e-readers other than Kindle App. So, it is perfect sense to say DRM is bad in a number of ways:

  • Your Kindle book can disappear at any time due to license changes, technological failures, and human errors.


  • If by chance Amazon terminates its business with Kindle, all your Kindle files might vanish. Don’t assume Amazon cannot fail, General Mors, Enron, and Kodak, also vanished.


  • DRM seems to interfere with the legal uses of any copyrighted text reuse as teaching resources.


  • Files with Kindle DRM are not compatible with other e-readers.


Fortunately, there is an ultimate solution for this and, most importantly, it is legal. You can use kindle DRM removal software to remove DRM online from your kindle books.


Epubor DRM Removal

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How to Remove DRM from Kindle Books

Before you start to remove Kindle DRM, you need to prepare by downloading all your kindle books to your computer. To do this, you must install the Kindle app. It's available on Amazon, Google Play, and Apple App stores.

After downloading your Kindle App (available for PC/Mac desktop), launch the app, then log in, and all your kindle books will be synced. Select all the files from which you want to strip DRM. Download and close the Kindle app. You can now use the process below to remove Amazon DRM:


Kindle DRM Removal with Epubor

Available on the Web, Epubor is an all-in-one online Kindle DRM removal tool. It allows you to, effortlessly, remove DRM protection without interfering with the file contents. It is also good to note that the app works with ebooks directly from the Kindle store.

To remove DRM with Epubor, you will need your Kindle’s serial number. Before starting the Epubor, go to your Kindle, then select Menu > Settings > Device Options > Device Info to get your serial number.

  • Open Epubor on the Web and enter your Kindle serial number. Make sure to omit any hyphens or spaces when typing the serial into the DRM removal tool.


  • Connect your Kindle to the computer using a USB cable, then drop and drag the ebooks directly from your Kindle. If you had downloaded your files to your computer, you can drag them from the Kindle e-books folder. One exciting thing with the Epubor DRM removal App, you can import several Kindle books and remove the DRM in bulk.


  • Epubor will automatically strip the DRM from your books. Once the process is complete, you will be prompted to save the DRM-free books onto your computer.

You can now print, back up, or share your DRM-free files with friends. With Epubor, no more extra job is required. All you need is to drag and drop your Kindle books into the main EPubor interface. All files are automatically DeDRM-ed.


How to Remove DRM from EPUB

EPUB is, undoubtedly, the ebook format supported by the largest number of e-readers. While open-source EPUB e-books are easy to share or print, most Epub books usually come with Digital Right Management (DRM) restrictions.



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Interestingly, Epubor, and other DRM removal software, make it easy to unlock all your DRM-ed EPUB books, so that you can back up, print and share them with friends as your wish.

Depending on where you purchased the EPUB books, you will need to download them to your computer. For EPUB books purchased from Google PlayBook, you will get an ACSM link, which you need to open with Adobe Digital Editions to download an EPUB file.


Here is how to do it:

  • Open Epubor and enter your Kindle Serial number. Avoid spaces and hyphens when entering serial numbers.


  • Drag the EPUB file with DRM protection into Epubor’s main interface.

Epubor will automatically remove DRM from your .epub ebooks, allowing you to keep them in the format you want, share them with friends, and back them up to re-read in the future.

Epubor is super powerful when it comes to e-book DRM removal online.


PDF DRM Removal with Epubor

Epubor is an excellent DRM removal tool that works perfectly to deDRM PDF files. The tool automatically discovers PDF files on your PC which makes it straightforward to remove DRM.


Strip DRM from PDF

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Before you can remove DRM from PDF online, you will need to download the files into your device. One interesting thing about Epubor is that it will discover the files on your device and then remove the DRM restrictions. The next is obvious.

  • Launch Epubor PDF DRM removal and click the “Adobe” tab. Epubor will automatically detect all your PDF files and display them.


  • Drag the files that you want to deDRM and the DRM will be removed automatically. Keep in mind that you must drag the DRMed files manually.

PDF DRM Removal for Mac follows the same process; the difference is the device (Mac) you are using.

Since ebooks with Adobe Adept DRM are stored as a .acsm file, you need to first change them to real PDF before you can remove DRM from the PDF online.

To achieve this successfully, authorize your computer with your Adobe ID and password, then drag the .acsm books you want to convert. When your book is in .pdf format, you can now open Epubor and drag the file to the main interface for the DRM to be stripped.

After the PDF DRM removal online process, your computer will always prompt you to save the DRM-free file(s).


How to Remove DRM from ACSM

After purchasing an ebook online, there are chances that you may download it as a .acsm file. Unlike other formats, an ACSM file is not a real ebook but a link to download that actual file.

Besides, these files come with DRM restrictions. The good news is that you can strip this DRM protection with Epubor.



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Before you can remove ACSM DRM, you need to download your file in EPUB or PDF format.

So how do you convert the ACSM to PDF/EPUB?


  • To convert the ACSM file, Click Help >Authorize Computer then input your Adobe ID and password. Complete by clicking “Authorize”.


  • Right-click the ACSM file and select Open with > Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). ADE will download the actual books as EPUB or PDF, which ultimately depends on the source.

Now you have a PDF or EPUB file. You can now use an ACSM DRM removal tool to strip the Digital Rights management protection.


  • Launch Epubor and the app will automatically discover all your files saved in EPUB and PDF formats.


  • Drag the files you converted manually from the left column to the right column and they will be automatically decrypted. Your ACSM ebooks are now DRM-free – you can read them on any device with your favorite ebook reader.

You can back up your ACSM files should you want to download the book in the future.

Similarly, you can back up the DRM-free ebooks and read them as you wish.


How to Remove DRM from AZW3 from Kindle Books

Epubor is an all-in-one tool for removing DRM protection from all file formats.

If you buy a Kindle ebook that comes in AZW3 format, you will want to convert it to PDF or EPUB file format. Depending on the firmware of your kindle e-ink devices, your ebook can be in azw3 format or KFX format.


Amazon azw3

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Removing DRM from AZW3 from Kindle ebooks is best done when you directly connect your Kindle e-ink device to your computer. The files will be discovered automatically when you open the Epubor DRM removal tool.

To remove DRM from AZW3, drag the files to the right window on Epubor and the files will be decrypted immediately.


How to Remove DRM from Kindle KFX Files

KFX format is one of the latest kindle formats but is applied on most Kindle ebooks. Ebooks downloaded from Kindle e-ink devices with 5.6 firmware or higher are usually in KFX format. The ebooks are limited to use on Kindle devices or kindle apps with DRM protection.



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With Epubor, you have two different methods to make your ebook DRM-free: You can convert it directly by connecting your Kindle device to your computer or convert the document to PDF, EPUB, or AZW3 format, then remove the DRM protection.

If you choose the first, which is also the shortest route, you just need to connect your Kindle device, drag the file and Epubor will do the rest.


How to Remove DRM From Kindle/Nook/iBooks/Sony Reader

Apple recently announced that they would adopt EPUB as the main format for iBooks (which is a pleasant apple app for iPad/iPhone to read and buy books from the iTunes book store).


Nook ibooks and Sony Reader

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No doubt, this act would cast a ray of hope for readers who are anxious for a universal format for ebook format since EPUB file format has been supported by Nook for Barnes and Noble, Sony reader and recently apple, and it seems that EPUB format has just made the industry standard.

But wait. The reality is, even with the same ebook format, there's no free transportation between these devices because the EPUB files purchased from iTunes, Barnes, and Noble, and Sony are under different DRM systems, which dictates that books can only be supported by certain e-reader exclusively.

For preventing motion pictures or music from unauthorized redistribution, DRM is an understandable solution to protect creators and publishers, but to books, I beg to differ, the point of digital books is to enhance people's ability in reading, provide convenient access to library and reduce the limitation for readers, anything, anytime and anywhere.

There's also Amazon kindle, by far the most prominent books publisher as well as e-reader manufacturer, who's clinging to its own AZW file that cannot be supported by other readers (kindle books can be read on Ipad/iPhone/iPod after installing kindle app).

As per said, the purpose of DRM protection is to prevent unauthorized redistribution or to sell illegally copied media on a street corner, and I, personally, think if it is for personal use (NOT PIRACY), ebook DRM removal is acceptable.


From the above, you will be able to find a way to remove DRM from your ebook, whether it is in EPUB or AZW (Mobi) files.

After ebook DRM removal, you may want to convert original files to your device-supported book format, like Nook EPUB to kindle AZW or iBooks EPUB to kindle.

Like I said earlier, for music and movies, DRM protection is a justified way of protecting creativity from piracy, but for books?

I beg to differ, from what I see that the whole point of the digital book is to enhance the ability of readers and have people be able to read anything, anywhere and anytime, I think that Amazon's DRM on the book has already gone so far that it has reduced the convenience in reading.

Personally, I am in favor of the idea that people should be given the right to do what they want to with things that they legally purchased and rightfully own.

In this case, I'd like to talk about how to remove DRM from Kindle and make the amazon purchased Mobi books supported by many other devices.

One method is to have the books scanned, adobe Acrobat 9.0's ClearScan technology is a good choice for the job, buy the book, split it, and scan it.

Guys who'd like to keep things simple can use this Kindle DRM removal tool to remove the DRM from these files. Choose the files, set the output folder, and then click “remove,” the DRM protection will be removed from kindle books.

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