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PDF Extra Review 2023

PDF files are increasingly becoming popular and more useful than ever in our progressively multi-device, cross-platform world. They are compact, easy to share, and greatly preserve the quality and formatting of a document.

The bad news is that one of the great features of a PDF is also its biggest problem: the files are designed to be read only. This makes it difficult to make any changes once a file is in PDF format. That’s why you need a savvy PDF editor like PDF Extra.

PDF Extra is a superior PDF editor that allows you to edit text, and images, and/or convert your files to other formats, including text, Excel, and ePub, with a single click. It is an excellent option for anyone who wants to be the architect of his or her PDFs.

In this PDF Extra review, you will find everything you need to know about this editor to decide if it is the ideal product for your PDF editing needs. Read on.


What Is PDF Extra?

PDF Extra is an all-in-one professional PDF management and editing tool that allows you to control your PDF’s structure, design, and content.

The PDF Extra app allows you to do everything you can imagine, including reading, converting to other formats, adding pages, annotating, and signing.


PDF Management Tool

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PDF Extra 2023 is now available with a polished-up ribbon user interface that promises an incredibly smooth user experience. Other improvements and bug fixes have also been made to make the program reliable and user-friendly.

What is more, once you buy this professional PDF editor, there are no other hidden extra costs or additional recurring fees – you get a lifetime license – which allows you to enjoy all the features for as long as you wish.

Offered by Mobi systems company, PDF Extra comes with a handful of features that makes a superior and interesting solution for all your PDF editing needs.

Besides the software’s impressive solutions, all conversions are done without compromising quality and data integrity.

Notably, PDF Extra supports over fifteen languages, making it easier for people from most parts of the world to use the application.


How to Use PDF Extra

PDF Extra comes with a ton of features that allow you to control every aspect of your PDF. It is also user-friendly with an easy-to-navigate dashboard and handy features that allow you to read, restructure, edit, or combine PDF files safely.

To use PDF Extra, you need to install the PDF Extra app, which is pretty straightforward to download. If you want to use the application to read PDF files, you can get PDF Extra for free.

However, if you want to enjoy all other features, including editing, you will have to pay a few bucks.

So, how do you install the app to start using it?

First, visit PDF Extra's official website and download PDF Extra for PC, iOS, or Android. After the app has been downloaded, click on the setup to start the installation process and follow the easy-to-follow instructions to complete the installation. Once you have the app installed, you can now start using it.


Control Your Content


Depending on what you want to do with your PDF Extra app, you will find many features and useful functionalities that can help you achieve your desired results. After installing the PDF Extra app, you can start working immediately with these features.


  • Scans to PDFs: PDF Extra allows you to turn your device’s camera into a mobile PDF scanner. You can now easily scan and digitize your paper documents into editable files by clicking on “Scan to PDF” on the PDF Extra interface. Whether you want to create one-page PDFs or a lengthy document, this feature lets you create whatever you want by snapping pictures and exporting them into PDFs.


  • Fill and Sign: PDFs are usually read-only files, which hampers making changes to the document. With PDF Extra, filling out and signing PDF forms on the go has never been this easier. The app supports fillable PDF forms, which makes it easier to make changes to PDFs. You can also sign documents with your saved digital signatures, and use your stylus pen to draw your signature.


  • Edit: Editing PDFs is, arguably, the primary reason why many people pay for premium PDF editors. Thankfully, PDF Extra is a powerful editor that allows you to edit PDFs to your liking. Whether you want to add, delete, or rotate text, optimize the appeal of pictures, or adjust other elements, PDF Extra allows you to update and fine-tune every aspect of your PDF by tweaking whatever you wish to. To start editing text, open the edit feature on your app.


  • Annotate: Communication is paramount when working on the same PDF with others, and without proper communication, it can be hectic to make even slight changes. PDF Extra comes with powerful annotation features that allow you to communicate with your team using text boxes, shapes, and drawing tools. You can now color or underline vital parts, attach stamps, draw shapes, and even add comments to clarify or provide insights in critical areas.


  • Convert: Don’t let file formats limit you from working on your files. Instead of wasting time worrying about how you will start editing PDF files, you can easily convert those files to editable formats to make editing smoother. This powerful app allows you to convert PDF files to Word, Excel, ePub, and JPEG, opening more possibilities. After making the necessary changes, you can convert the files back to PDFs with one click.


Convert to Different File Formats


  • Organize: Nothing feels better than having complete control over the structure of your PDFs. PDF Extra allows for a safer way to alter the structure of your PDFs. Whether you are working on PDF Extra for Windows or using PDF Extra online, all you need is to click on the organize feature and start restructuring your PDFs. You can add, delete, reorder, extract, or combine pages to your liking. With this feature, you can also add labels and bookmarks for easier navigation. Notably, this feature is split into two for smartphones: Merge PDFs and Rearrange pages.


  • Protect: PDF Extra cares about the safety of your documents. The app comes with a feature that allows you to secure your PDFs by setting passwords. Using the ‘Protect' feature, you can restrict access to your sensitive documents with passwords, encryption, and digital signatures to keep away prying eyes. Digital certificates also offer a whole new level of security, keeping your documents under your control at all times.


  • Read: Besides enjoying full control of your PDFs, PDF Extra is an excellent app for reading your documents. Whether you are reading a nice eBook or an invoice, you will enjoy reading using this app. Many people like changing to night mode for an ambient reading experience. If you are tired, you can have the PDF Extra readout for you through the text-to-speech feature.


  • Cloud Storage: When you sign in, you get 5 GB of free cloud storage on Mobisystems, where you can store your PDF files. If this is not enough, you can upgrade to PDF Extra Personal to get 50 GB MobiDrive Storage.


  • Integrated file manager: Above everything, PDF Extra comes with an integrated file manager, which makes it easy for you to organize your local and remote PDFs, sync cloud files, and set app passwords. The file manager is integrated with PDF Extra size remover, which compresses files before storing them.


Using PDF Extra is not one of the hardest things. The app comes with a simple, user-friendly interface and tons of features, including PDF Extra space remover, which is handy in ensuring that you have high-quality PDFs that won’t eat much space.


Is PDF Extra Free?

PDF Extra is a premium PDF editor. All in all, users who only want to read, annotate, and sign PDFs can enjoy a free version of the app.


Feature Rich Reader


If you want to leverage PDF Extra premium features, you need to subscribe to one of their paid plans. They offer two premium plans where you can buy a lifetime license or subscribe to a renewable plan.


  • One-time purchase: PDF Extra 2023 is the most common plan and costs $99.99. The subscription comes with 5 GB MobiDrive storage.


  • PDF Extra Personal: This is a high-end plan that auto-renews yearly for $49.99. With this subscription, you will get 50 GB MobiDrive storage.


Before investing your money in premium plans, you can leverage the PDF Extra free trial to determine whether the app suits your editing needs or not. Depending on the subscription you buy, you can try their premium features for 7 days or 30 days.

Notably, you can turn off auto-renew at least one day before your free trial subscription ends or leave it if you intend to renew to a paid subscription. It will automatically renew.


Is PDF Extra Legitimate?

Having been in the market for some time, PDF Extra is legitimate editing software. Several people have used it, and most of the reviews are positive and encouraging. Here are some of the pros and cons of PDF Extra.


Is PDF Extra Safe?

Before using any PDF editor, the first question that rings in your mind is, “is it safe?” The answer to this question will help you decide whether or not to upload your file for editing. Just like any other PDF software, you also need to determine if PDF Extra is safe or not.


How Safe Is It


Of course, PDF Extra is safe. You have complete control of the software once you download it to your device.

In addition, PDF Extra is independent of the internet. This means you can easily use it to check and edit your files even when you have internet problems. The performance of this software is excellent whether you are using it online or offline. When online, you should not be bothered by people who can peep into your stuff because all the information is stored on your device.

Keep in mind that before using PDF Extra online, you need to have an opened account where you log in with your details before uploading files. The login details for this account should be kept by yourself. This means that the probability of people accessing your files is minimal.

An added advantageous feature of this program is the “protect” feature. This gives you the ability to lock and safeguard sensitive files using passcodes.

For example, If you have downloaded the PDF Extra for windows on a job computer, that can be accessed by numerous staff. You have an option of safeguarding private files by using the ‘protect' feature. The passcodes are used to lock individual files. You may have different passcodes for different documents.

In a nutshell, PDF Extra offers a safer way to read, encrypt, edit, organize, convert, assign, and annotate a PDF file. Moreover, you can use it anywhere to perform the above tasks on both sensitive and non-sensitive files.




  • PDF Extra delivers a seamless user experience when editing documents.


  • It is a one-time purchase. You, therefore, don't need to buy other features. You can only upgrade in case you need more complex services.


  • It is cheap compared to other file editors. However, the services that it offers do not correspond with the amount you pay.


  • PDF Extra has a protection feature that enables its users to lock and protect sensitive files.


Manipulate and Organize Files


  • It has an intuitive interface that makes it simpler to edit and manipulate files.


  • It has active and responsive customer service, which answers any questions asked by the program users.


  • It comes with a whole cloud space to store information.


  • It has different page modes allowing you to read comfortably. You can also print files if there is a need.




  • Requires purchase of the premium version in case more complex tasks are to be performed.


  • Some users complain that it is not compatible with the stylus pen


  • There is no version for Mac.



PDF Extra is an excellent all-in-one PDF editor. The app comes with all the PDF features you might need to read, annotate, edit, and secure your PDF files. As long as you purchase a premium license, you will enjoy high-end features all in a simple package.

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